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Lumina Lighting Solutions

We are an authorized distributor and installer of JellyFish Lighting.  


  • We finish each project on schedule

  • We use the highest level of quality materials

  • We focus on personalized service 

Lumina lighting Solutions along side with the JellyFish lighting distributor has been providing the best services to comericial and residential homes since 2000. Fair prices, superior quality and exceptional customer service are guaranteed. 


From our recent customers

Wow! There is no comparison to my old Christmas lights. The app is so easy to use and these lights are so bright" 

Simone Woods

My home is now the most beautiful in the neighborhood bringing smiles to all my neighbors, and with the Lumina lighting team the entire process was under a few hours and so professional and clean"

Nicole Yang

"My home is now the highlight of my street! Thank you to the professional and caring team!"

Calvin Smith

"Not only am I protecting my husband from being on the roof, now we have the nicest decorations too!"

Suzanne Levis


Get in Touch

(760) 880-8144

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